Okay – first and foremost I’m a teacher at a private school. These kids are a bit different than public school kids. I’ve done both. Definitely prefer private school. Here’s a funny story to get us started…

I started teaching at this school this year, August 2019. I love it so much. Anyway, it is now March 2020.. and these kids are about to pull their hair out for Spring Break. I love my seniors and tenth graders. I have to pull teeth to get the ninth grade to talk to me at all, and eighth grade… well they’re a little special. See, I’m pretty positive these 23 kids have been secretly working together to get rid of me. I honestly think they’re trying to scare me into leaving. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m not going anywhere.

Since the beginning of the school year these kids have tried their hardest to hate me, but they can’t. Deep down in their evil little hearts I know they love my class. Let’s start with one girl in particular. She LIES so bad to her parents. Then her parents end up emailing me to get the real story. She gets grounded a few weeks and does it all over again. Moral of this story, you’d think she’d get the picture by now and know that I will always win. Next, I have a tall lanky girl. Seems to me to be a little troubled, but we won’t go there just yet. She has attitude for days and will argue with you about anything. She’s been written up multiple times for being disrespectful. Finally, there’s this little clique of boys. They think being funny is cute until it bites them in the ass. One of them told me the other day that I only wrote him up because I “over exaggerated because I’m pregnant and hormonal.”

So do you see where I’m going with this? This will be continued… with future stories of course.

-je ❤

Here we go…

Hiyaaa friends!

I just wanted to shoot some deeets down to let you know the general idea for this blog. I am a mother to a beautiful two year old, and currently pregnant with my second child. I also teach high school English – I know. “why?” Is your question, right? I’m not exactly sure either, it’s just my calling in life.

SO – for this blog, it’ll be mostly about venting about my students, children, husband, and everything in between.